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The Grain and Feed Chamber is a professional organization which has been established in 1997 on the basis of the Act on economic chambers (dated May 30, 1989) entered in the National Court Register and hence constituting a legal entity.

Presently, there are over 60 membership companies affiliated to the Chamber, from the sectors of feed production, oilseed crushing industry, milling and storage and the national and international turnover of feeds and feed raw materials, and recently also bio-fuel industry. Among our members there are also companies who provide services for the agricultural sector, such as investments, transport or quality control. Considering that affiliated companies of the Chamber constitute around 70% of the Polish national potential in individual sectors, it can be stated that our organization covers the largest and widest spectrum of companies operating in the widely understood agricultural market.

On the national level we closely cooperate with the National Board of Poultry, National Board of Poultry and Feed Producers, the Polish Association of Breeders and Swine Producers POLSUS, the Polish Association of Breeders and Producers of Meat Cattle, the Polish Association of Corn Producers and the Polish National Seed Chamber. We are also members of the Food Economics Council and the Polish Federation of Food Producers.

On an international arena we are members of such organizations as COCERAL (grain companies) and FEFAC (feed producers) with their head offices in Brussels, where our representatives serve in committees of both organizations and participate in the activities of EU bodies (Advisory and Working Committees).
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