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What we do

What we do
Mission, objectives and tasks

The Chamber's mission is to create a platform – an organizational form:
Thus, our mission formulates the following objectives:
Basic tasks realized by the Chamber are:
The Chamber’s principle products are:
Currently our main tasks are:
  • for internal structural partnership of companies from the feed, milling and grain sectors in their key economic aspects;
  • to influence the governmental administration (National and EU) and opinion-forming centres (institutes) and the media;
  • to cooperate with the business circles, especially raw material producers (feed) and product users
  • in order to ensure protection and the maximum level of executing economic interest of its members.

  • representing and protecting interests of Chamber members in Poland and abroad;
  • creating favourable conditions for the development of Chamber members using national and international information and data, along with the propagation of scientific, organisational and technical innovations;
  • Impact on forming and amending industry-specific legal regulations;
  • raising the level of professional, technical and economic expertise to gain higher efficiency and profitability in the industry;
  • formulating rules of ethics in operations of Chamber members.

  • organising and developing economic partnership in Poland and abroad – with industry related entities;
  • providing all help to its members and economic entities, facilitating conducting business activity of their plants;
  • conducting training and publishing activities;
  • forming advisory teams and expert commissions;
  • cooperation with central and field national administrative bodies and social-trade organisations;
  • representing interests of Chamber members before national and self-governmental authorities;
  • issuing opinions and preparing technical documentation and expertise in sectors covered by the Chamber's activity;
  • preparing reports and expertise as well as market analyses;
  • preparing projects of principles, procedures and documents related to the goods turnover;
  • conducting economic arbitration.

  • Frame formulas of agreements and contracts for various stages of turnover;
  • Basic quality requirements for raw materials and products;
  • Consolidated set of formal and legal regulations for individual segments;
  • Feed labeling and intellectual property protection;
  • The Chamber’s Newsletter issued on a monthly/two-monthly basis;
  • Signal and Informative Notes on the current market situation;
  • Periodic reports on the grain balance and market in an economic season.

  • Carrying out educational, informative and lobbing activities on the GMO issue, especially aiming towards the withdrawal of a ban of marketing and using GMO soybean mean in feed production;
  • Influencing the rational use of EU support means in the agriculture and food sector (including the grain and feed sector);
  • Supporting the development of port and inland infrastructure using EU means (as condition of turnover increase);
  • Exerting influence by international organisations aiming towards the rationalisation of requirements on feed labeling and the notion of waste as feed material and by-products.

Administrator Krzysztof Hrycak
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